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BBC Enterprise

A weightlifter has turned her life around to become a successful business woman at 32. [...]
Thursday 22nd February, 2018
How a Russian entrepreneur created a popular cosmetics brand based around using extracts from Siberian herbs. [...]
Wednesday 21st February, 2018
How Russian hair and skincare company Natura Siberica become a popular global brand. [...]
Wednesday 21st February, 2018


KUMIKO HIRANO has noticed a disquieting change when she goes to her neighbourhood konbini, one of Japan's ubiquitous convenience stores. “No one is around and I have to use a loud voice to get someone to serve me,” says the 48-year-old worker in Tokyo. “It irritates me.” This might not seem [...]
Thursday 15th February, 2018
“PRESS for progress” is the theme of this year's International Women's Day on March 8th. As our sixth glass-ceiling index shows, disparity between countries remains wide. But women have made some progress towards equality in the workplace in the past year. The index ranks the best and worst countries to be [...]
Thursday 15th February, 2018
WHEN Disney struck a deal just before Christmas to buy much of 21st Century Fox for $66bn, it was a career-defining moment for the two firms' bosses, Bob Iger and Rupert Murdoch. A third media mogul, Brian Roberts of Comcast, was left out in the cold. Having tried and failed [...]
Thursday 15th February, 2018

Financial Times

Founder says the challenger bank is providing ‘real competition' to high-street lenders [...]
Wednesday 21st February, 2018
‘The internet is creating opportunities for some of the world's least-connected people to improve their lives' [...]
Wednesday 21st February, 2018
Uncertainty over immigration policy pushes entrepreneurs to set up in Europe [...]
Wednesday 21st February, 2018


Investment in the UK has not been hit as yet but, with more funding going to Europe, startups may feel they'd be better off moving to Berlin or ParisWhen it comes to young entrepreneurs and Brexit, there are upsides and downsides. On one hand, smaller businesses are probably the most [...]
Wednesday 21st February, 2018
Treasury committee releases details of ‘widespread inappropriate treatment' that City watchdog refused to make public The Treasury committee has published the full unredacted report into Royal Bank of Scotland's disgraceful” treatment of struggling small businesses that came to it for financial assistance in the wake of the banking crisis.The influential [...]
Tuesday 20th February, 2018
Amazon has built treehouses in its offices and Microsoft employees work in the woods. Companies reveal why they are using plants to boost productivityMost offices have a few plants dotted around the place. Some companies, however, like to take things to extremes. Amazon has treehouses inside its offices, Microsoft employees [...]
Monday 19th February, 2018