Exploring Entrepreneurship


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Setting off on an entrepreneurial career often feels like venturing into wild and unfamiliar territory. Exploring Entrepreneurship is your personal guide to the journey  – it helps you tackle key practical challenges and encourages a deeper appreciation of the people and places you encounter along the way.

Read sample: Chapter 1. Introduction: The many faces of entrepreneurship

Exploring Entrepreneurship examines the nature of entrepreneurial activity in the 21st century, and aims to help students develop the skills and knowledge required by commercial and social entrepreneurs. The book is divided into two distinct, but inter-related, parts that cover practical issues related to the creation of an entrepreneurial venture, together with reviews of related research evidence and more theoretical discussion about entrepreneurship. This enables students to understand the theoretical perspectives of entrepreneurship, and how these can be applied to practice. The text makes extensive use of up-to-date case studies and illustrative examples helps students easily contextualise theory, and see how it applies to practice.

Authored by Dr Richard Blundel (The Open University) and Professor Nigel Lockett (University of Leeds) and Published by Oxford University Press.

“I am delighted with the way the book integrates practice and theory. As a serial entrepreneur and academic I recognise the value which both bring to understanding enterprise.” Said Nigel. “I am particularly grateful to the 12 entrepreneurs who agreed to be interviewed for the book. For me they bring it alive.”

All of Nigel’s author royalties from the book are being donated equally to The Prince’s Trust and Traidcraft.  He stated, “I have been very fortunate in both my entrepreneurial and academic careers and want others to have a chance to experience the positive aspects of enterprise.”

Exploring Entrepreneurship offers a fresh and contemporary approach to this popular subject area, combining academic rigour and critical reflection with practical relevance. It is supported by an extensive Online Resource Centre.


“This entrepreneurship text is unique. There are many books on entrepreneurship, but none that combine theory and practice as well as this. The book examines the links between entrepreneurship and innovation, and between the entrepreneurs behaviour and their success. There is a great deal of wisdom in the book, and it contains many instructive and entertaining case studies.” Professor Mark Casson, University of Reading, and editor of The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship

Exploring Entrepreneurship is more detailed and offers a completely different perspective to any of the texts I use. I think the text is more comprehensive and would make a strong compulsory textbook. ” Dr Spinder Dhaliwal, University of Surrey

Exploring Entrepreneurship is up to date, comprehensive, current, well designed and relevant to the contemporary entrepreneurship and small business development debate.” Professor Harry Matlay, Birmingham City University

“The writing style of Exploring Entrepreneurship is modern and there is a sense of humour here illustrated in the choice of examples. The content of the book is good, as is the nature of the supporting features. ” Frank Martin, University of Stirling

Exploring Entrepreneurship compares very favourably with the materials currently being used. It is far more up-to-date and the contemporary nature of the material is an important differentiator. The utilisation of the latest case studies, examples and reference sources and the extensive use of case studies using successful entrepreneurs are strong selling points. ” Nigel Walton, University of Worcester

Exploring Entrepreneurship is a well crafted and engaging text for those studying enterprise for the first time. The case studies, practical exercises and ‘critical incident’ cases work particularly well and provide the teacher of entrepreneurship with a wealth of material to enhance classroom activity.” David Moyes, University of the West of Scotland in International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 12(3) August 2011