Dyslexia Superpower: Amazing People (48/52)

With just four blogs to go until the ‘Year in the Life of The Dyslexic Professor‘ is complete, I thought I would highlight someone else’s work. More specifically, that of Kate Power and Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth, who both have children with dyslexia.

Kate and Kathy (amazingdyslexic) have just produced a delightful, at least in my opinion, book called: The Illustrated Guide to Dyslexia and Its Amazing People.

It is written, or rather illustrated, with children with dyslexia in mind. I will discuss the content in a moment but what struck me was the cover (below left). If I were to publish a book entitled  Year in the Life of The Dyslexic Professor, its cover might look a little similar (below right)!

The book takes the young reader, or more correctly, the young picture thinker! From explaining what dyslexia is right through to the amazing people with dyslexia, their charateristics and to the jobs they do – including:

All are fine examples and a message of hope for younger (and older!) dyslexics. I am privileged to be increasingly meeting more amazing people with dyslexia. It really is a wonderful experience to meet other dyslexics – I hadn’t realised how isolated, from other dyslexics, I have become – probably part of a protective mechanism.

The book also responds to the need of non-dyslexic parents to explain the dyslexia to their children with dyslexia. I had been struck by the number of colleagues in academia who have thanked me for my blogs because they have been so worried for their dyslexic children and are very happy to share the idea of the dyslexia superpower with them.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on the collective noun for people with dyslexia – perhaps a flock or even a gathering. But,

How many dyslexics does it take to change a light bulb?

10, one to replace it with a low-watt LED lamp and 9 to imagine a brighter future!

Sorry :0)

Nigel LockettThe Dyslexic Professor
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