Dyslexia Superpower: A new dawn (49/52)

Yes, a new dawn! But, why am I so positive on this rather damp morning when sunshine is but a distant memory?

I was in London yesterday evening to join the board of the new charity focused on flipping dyslexia from disability to ability, through learning difference to superpower – NUWord – registered charity number 1174809. I was further delighted to be appointed to Chair the Board of Trustees.

And, now the hard work begins …

In the next year we have to invent the business model that will fund the core NUWord team who will work with our strategic partners to deliver transformative opportunities to people with the gift of dyslexia to help them develop their superpower. We need to be in every school, every university, every prison and every workplace.

We want to:

  1. Develop a free NUWord positive dyslexia assessment and learning programme for children in some of our most challenging schools
  2. Develop a free online NUWord ability test to help anyone identify their superpower
  3. Develop free NUWord learning programmes to take this superpower to the next level
  4. And finally, launch our first NUWord campaign to highlight the organisational advantages of recruiting people with a superpower!

Of course, diversity, or more specifically neurological diversity, is at the core of this vision. Put simply, the best organisations celebrate diversity.

And now to recruit the NUWord community of Dyslexia Activists …

Nigel LockettThe Dyslexic Professor
University dyslexia support