Dyslexia Superpower: Sally Gardner (45/52)

I did wonder whether I should just post this rich picture as a blog and give no explanation. But, the blogger in me couldn’t resist adding a few words!

Sally Gardner, is an award-winning author for children and older readers and a dyslexia activist. Sally says, “At eleven I was told I was word-blind. This was before anyone mentioned the un-sayable, un-teachable, un-spellable word dyslexia, which, hey-ho, even to this day I can’t spell!”

Sally is the founder of NUword a new charity committed to flipping dyslexia from being perceived as a disability to being an advantage.

The rich picture was drawn after listening to an inspirational and moving workshop delivered by Sally at University of the Arts London. Sally explained how our education system failed her by focusing on what she couldn’t do rather than her amazing ability (superpowers!) to think in pictures – what she called cinema thinking or picture thinking.

You just need to read some of her books, and having met Sally recently I’ve done just that, to see the creative power of cinema thinking or picture thinking in writing truly engaging books for all ages.

I won’t attempt to explain my rich picture of Sally further. Just look carefully and see what you can see!

Inspired by Sally’s commitment to change the perception of dyslexia, I’ve just agreed to be a trustee of the NUword Charity. Of course, I don’t know what I have let myself in for … or do I?!

Nigel LockettThe Dyslexic Professor
University dyslexia support