Dyslexia Superpower: The Incredibles minus (39/52 or 75%)

I can’t believe it either! How did I get from going public with my first blog, The Dyslexic Professor, to this, the 39th (of 52) blogs? And, how dare are use ‘The Incredibles’ in the title – even with a minus?!

I am unashamedly promoting dyslexia as a superpower. But, very importantly I want to jettison the negativity associated with the word Dyslexia – hence the reference to The Incredibles – a film based on unrecognised superpowers. But why the minus? Just skip forward to the moment Edna Mode says, “No capes!” in reference to the sad tales of Thunderhead, Stratogirl and Metalman. I want us to say, “No” to the negative portrayal of dyslexia and to focus on the value it brings to our society.

Judging from the only trailer for The Incredible 2 I can find, it looks like Edna Mode’s time has come too!

I do not claim any originality – just look at: