Dyslexia Superpower: Know your superpower and World Around Me (31/52)

Following on from Victoria Tomlinson’s guest blog: Time to rethink dyslexia – ability not disability? and Sarah Robinson’s TED Talk: How I fail at being disabled, I thought I should explore further the notion of dyslexia as a superpower before giving an example of big picture thinking.

Sarah Robinson proposes five tips for how to fail at being disabled:

  1. Know your superpowers
  2. Be supremely skilled at getting it wrong
  3. Know that everyone is disabled in some way
  4. Point out the disability in others
  5. Pursue audacious goals

Particularly relevant to dyslexics is, “Know your superpowers” [at 02:21] because big picture thinking could indeed be a significant superpower prevalent in dyslexics.

Imagine if our education system, having firstly screened (free of charge) all children for Dyslexia, provided support not just to engage in language but also develop their emerging big picture thinking into a superpower. If nothing else, it would move the agenda away from disability!

Tarun Sainani, a former student and founder of  WT InfoTech – the company behind the World Around Me (WAM) App. To the best of Tarun’s knowledge, he is not dyslexic – but, at least in my opinion, possesses big picture thinking and, what’s more, has developed an App that embodies this thinking and, wait for it …, invented a new word! Wamification.

Tarun explains wamification in his press release announcing the partnership in Genova , in Italy, and a BBC radio interview [for definition of wamming see 05:40]. Genova seems to be a sweet spot for the WAM App, which overlays information on a phones camera. Imagine arriving in a strange city looking for an Mexican restaurant, city art gallery or a place of worship. Hold up your phone, activate your camera and the image now includes relevant places of interest – then click on one to find out more. No more exiting a tube/metro station not knowing which direction to travel!

And, what about World Around Me (WAM)?

In May 2016, WAM was selected as one of only ten apps for outstanding achievements as part of the inaugural Google Play Awards! And, the last time I spoke to Tarun he was flying off to another city looking to enhance their visitor experience.

Nigel Lockett – The Dyslexic Professor
University dyslexia support