Dyslexia Superpower: Seismic Shift (26/52 or 50%)

To be honest, I never thought I would reach the half-way point. I think there are three main reasons (why always three?!) I have got this far:

  1. Readers’ engagement
  2. Guest bloggers
  3. A growing, and a rather worrying tendency, for self-actualisation!

Yes, readers’ engagement is definitely numero uno – No.1

I have been so surprised at the number of people prepare to ‘like’ and even ‘comment’ on the LinkedIn posts and contact me directly – particularly after the THE Disability on Campus: I have decided to go public as the Dyslexic Professor article. Thank you to one and all – and please keep commenting and sharing.

I secured two guest bloggers – Dr Vincent Walsh (one & two) and Anonymous Thick Lecturer (one & two). These have helped broaden the discussion, reaffirm the challenge and helped share the load. So, thank you both and please contact me if you want to write a guest blog.

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous that, why at the age of nearly 55, writing a blog exposing and explaining my deeply personal experiences of dyslexia and being a dyslexic academic (the Dyslexic Professor no less!) could be so empowering for me – self-actualisation. But, it has and I’m very glad to have ‘come out’ as a dyslexic.

So, what next?

Well it’s time for a seismic (try dropping that into a conversation!) shift in the editorial tone of the next 26 blogs. I’m going to entitle each future post – Dyslexia Superpower:


Because it’s time to move away from positioning dyslexia as a disability, or even a difference, and move to advantage or in my words superpower! I will be looking out for examples to support each blog – the next blog, Dyslexia Superpower: The System Entrepreneur 27/52, will be the first. Do share any stories of Dyslexia Superpower – I need the inspiration.

But, I am not alone:

  • 21st Century Superpower – amazing video

Also, their latest video with Jamie Oliver

Nigel Lockett – The Dyslexic Professor
University dyslexia support