Dyslexia is in the air (18/52)

Not only is spring in the air this week, but so to is dyslexia. It seems that several things are coming together which make me feel more optimistic about recasting dyslexia not just as a difference, as opposed to a difficulty, but as an advantage.

Firstly, I now have four guest bloggers crafting their pieces. Hopefully, part 2 of Vincent’s “Batman, Clowns, Dark Days and Dyslexia” blog will be published later this week. The others will be from a senior dyslexic academic, a dyslexic Head of Department at an FE college and a PR professional who has mentored dyslexic senior executives. Watch this space …

Secondly, I’ve just signed off the copy of an article for a national Higher Education sector publication and had my photograph taken today! Less of a smiling portrait and more of a concerned academic look! Again, watch this space …

And finally, and this is the big one, a new charity was launched this week by Kate Griggs called Made By Dyslexia whose goals are:

  • That dyslexia is properly understood as a different way of thinking.
  • Work with governments, charities, schools and parents to ensure all dyslexic children are identified early and given the support they need. [Of course, I would add work with universities to ensure student and staff are supported.]

The launch, supported by Sir Richard Branson, coincided with the publication of “Connecting the Dots” a highly informative report. It includes and an explanation of  dyslexia thinking skills and the advantages it can bring (or Dyslexic Superpower):

  • Visualising: Moving, Making & Inventing
  • Imagining: Creating & Interpreting
  • Communicating: Explaining & Storytelling
  • Reasoning: Simplifying, Analysing, Deciding, & Visioning
  • Connecting: Understanding-self, Understanding-Others, Influencing & Empathising
  • Exploring: Learning, Digging, Energising & Doing.

Also, I can’t help admiring their sense of humour … the Dyslexic Sperm Bank

Nigel Lockett – The Dyslexic Professor
University dyslexia support