A Dyslexia Reflection (13/52 or 25%)

A week’s holiday and a break from blogging was a chance to reflect on the ‘quarter way’ point in my plan to post a weekly blog, 52 in 2017, on being an academic with dyslexia or to be more precise – The Dyslexic Professor.

Looking back on the last three months of blogs, three equally weighted themes have emerged (it’s almost like I planned it this way!). Firstly, the dyslexic learning difference (12/52; 10/52; 5/52; 2/52). Secondly, how this learning difference gives rise to the dyslexic superpower (11/52; 8/52; 6/52; 3/52). And finally, overcoming the challenge of dyslexia by recognising the learning difference in order to build the superpower (9/52; 7/52; 4/52; 1/52).

  1. Dyslexic Learning Difference:
  1. Dyslexic Superpower:
  1. Dyslexia Challenge:

Interestingly, my initial article on LinkedIn, “The Dyslexic Professor“, received 3,783 views with the subsequent 10 blogs clocking up 1,477 views in total.

But perhaps more importantly for me, this opportunity to reflect has highlighted the cathartic value of blogging and the overwhelming support and encouragement I have received.  In both cases, this was contrary to my expectations.

I have actually enjoyed sharing my experiences (releasing the pent-up frustrations and wounds of five decades of learning) and the unexpected support and encouragement has kept me going. So, what next?

Firstly, having recognised the difference, I want to learn more about my learning. Hence the willingness to continue to reflect through blogging, self teaching (the purchase of “Grammar Rules: Writing with Military Precision”) and supported learning. To help with the latter, I have enrolled on a MOOC in Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching (coincidently by Lancaster University). It’s not really for dyslexics but for gaining practical tools and theoretical insights to help dyslexic students learn second languages. Anyway, it starts on the 24th April and I’m going to have ago!

Secondly, I’m looking for help. More specifically, a few guest bloggers willing to share their experience as a dyslexic or working with dyslexics. I’ve approached a couple of friends but please volunteer or just put the word out …

Thirdly, I need a goal. Not that I am at all competitive [!] but having something to aim for might just spur me on. I’ve just found out there is a Dyslexia Awareness Week (2nd to 8th October 2017) and even a World Dyslexia Awareness Day on Thursday 5th October 2017!

I’m thinking about how best to mark 5th October 2017. Perhaps I could accelerate my blogging and hit the target of 52 blogs 3 months early. Hmm, perhaps I’m going to need more help than I thought!

Nigel Lockett – The Dyslexic Professor
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