Support for Dyslexic University Students (10/52)

In terms of the undergraduate recruitment cycle, we are now in between 2017 entry (UCAS closed on 15th January for most courses) and 2018 entry with open day season starting from June. At least for now, the focus will be on making offers and converting offer holders into first choice or ‘Firm acceptance’ applicants.

But what about students with Dyslexia? It is bewildering enough choosing a university, a course and city – and getting those all important grades if you don’t have an unconditional offer!

However, it could be time well invested if you are concerned about support for dyslexic students. Just to see what support was on offer, I typed, in Google, “[University name] support for dyslexic students”. I have produced a table of results, hyperlinking to the most appropriate page and used # to indicate universities with a specialist dyslexia page and ** with multiple dyslexia pages. Below I have listed the more impressive offers:

  1. University of the Arts London
  2. Bangor University
  3. University of Hull
  4. Liverpool Hope University
  5. London School of Economics and Political Science
  6. London South Bank University
  7. Loughborough University
  8. University of Leicester
  9. Nottingham Trent University
  10. University of Newcastle
  11. University of Nottingham
  12. Oxford Brookes University
  13. University of Southampton
  14. University of St Andrews
  15. University of Strathclyde
  16. University of the West of England
  17. University of York

The one I like best is the University of the Arts London – including sections on: What to Expect, Advice Before Applying, Funding; Assistive Technology. However, it does use the expression “Disability & Dyslexia”, personal stories are limited and the contact email is generic with no staff profiles.

For me, the best website should address me personally, as a student with dyslexia and how their support could help me engage fully in my studies and, of course, enhance my Dyslexia superpower! I want to read about successful current students – better still watch a video – to inspire me to give the university my ‘Firm Acceptance’!

  • Cardiff University students video:

Nigel Lockett – The Dyslexic Professor
University dyslexia support

PS See Dyslexia Action and Which? have a useful webpage by the British Dyslexia Association