Head in the Clouds 2.0

[STOP PRESS June 3, 2011: Apple launches iCloud]

There is simply too much information or content on the Web and an ever increasing number of things can be done on the Internet. Trying to keep a track of it all is mind blowing – it’s feels like having your ‘head in a cloud’.

But there might be a solution to all this … Cloud computing. Moving everything on the Web means that filtering or personalise content to suit your personal needs is now possible. We know that the secret to the Apple iPod’s (http://www.apple.com/ipodclassic) success was the ability to easily navigate through thousands of songs. Google seems focused in producing innovative Web 2.0 applications (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0) to help us achieve this to the seemingly infinitely expanding content of the Internet.

The move to ‘doing business’ on the web, started with a trickle but now seems more like a river in full flood!

In many ways, Google epitomises this better than any company. We are all familiar with Google as our default search engine. But, they have done more than anyone else to move applications away from our PCs into the Cloud. Just look at the functionality of GoogleMaps (http://maps.google.com) and the collaborative power of GoogleDocs (http://docs.google.com). So, with a simple gmail account (mail, contacts, diary, etc.) small business can have the functionality of MS Office and collaboration at very little cost. And there’s more …

Now even, Microsoft is moving its applications into the Cloud (www.microsoft.com/Cloud)

But why stop there? What about doing your accounts online. Here is just a few of the providers:

  • QuickBooks – http://quickbooksonline.intuit.com
  • Sage – http://www.sage.co.uk/welcome/sage50online.aspx
  • Liberty Accounts – http://www.libertyaccounts.com
  • i-Tr@der – http://www.ipsx.co.uk/IPS_SMEPlatformOverview.htm
  • ClearBooks – http://www.clearbooks.co.uk

Is it time to get your head into the cloud!

Prof Nigel Lockett FRSA