Best place to be a small business?

Perhaps the US isn’t the best place to be a small business after all. According to research by the Center for Economic and Policy Research ( The US has long seen itself as the home of entrepreneurship – ignoring GW Bush’s gaff ‘The thing that’s wrong with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur’ – with low tax, low regulation and more flexible labour market. But how does the US compare with other nations? Self-employment and small businesses is one way to measure entrepreneurship. The US has 7.2% self-employment compared with 13.8% in the UK and a staggering 26.4% in Italy. Does this really mean that Italy is more entrepreneurial that the US?

What is clear to policymakers in Europe is the need to promote entrepreneurial behaviour as a means of economic growth but also as a means of achieving sustainable enterprise – ‘Inspiring young entrepreneurs to build a better tomorrow’ (